January 18, 2008

Nissan Forum Concept Minivan Has Fist-Sized Time Out Button

Holy Guacamole, Batman! While VW sent their engineers to Malibu to study American driving culture, Nissan sent theirs to the Woodfield Mall. The result [seen here entering the wormhole at the Detroit Auto Show] was the Nissan Forum Concept....
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In Attempt To Market Book, German Children's Author Rubs 7.5mm Penis Illustration In America's Faces

You know, if the German children's author Rotraut Susanne Berner had actually faced criticism or censorship for depicting a tiny sculpture with a tinier penis in one of her books, I'd be on the front lines defending her and...
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When Hulk Get Chewed, Hulk Get Choke Hazardy: Stan Lee Tribute Art Exhibition

Gallery1988 is hosting an exhibition of Stan Lee tribute art by some of their indie artist friends. There's lots of mopey goth riffs on Spidey and plenty of Scarlet Witch and Ororo Munroe pin-up fantasies. But there's some sweet,...
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Get It For You Wholesale? eBayer Selling Mod Kid Gear At Unusually Low Prices

Yeah, I could just email Hillsborough, CA eBay seller Noodledoodle.home to see how they're offering new, high-end toys and kids furniture on eBay for seemingly crazylow, non-MSRP prices. But with the new kid-related caps on my daily typing quota,...
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The New Kid's Getting Cuter And Cuter Every Day

But she still has a few Clay Aiken moments....
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