January 14, 2008

NYT/Babycenter: Hotels Not Just For Sleeping Anymore

What, exactly is going on in the next room? Well, if you're at the Parrot Mill Inn B&B in Chatham, New Jersey, it's probably a latenight lactation consultation for frustrated new parents. That's where the $500/night [!] Mommy Nest suite at the Postpartum Place is located.

If you're anywhere else, but especially Las Vegas, it's probably a couple making whoopee during a "conceptionmoon." And as soon as they're done, the mom-to-be is logging onto Babycenter.com to overshare in an unscientific survey of some kind. You stay classy, Babycenter.

And if you're on a cruise? As Ms. Kyle McCarthy, editor of familytravelforum.com puts it, “Can you imagine a cruise ship where everyone around you is trying to conceive?” Uh, no, but is it any different from those cruises where everyone's just trying to hook up?

Getaways to Coddle New Mothers (or Just Inspire Some) [nyt]

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