January 14, 2008

Elle, Yeah! Vik Muniz Knows From Jennifer Delonge

Vik Muniz' library in Elle Decor, Jan/Feb 2008

So I was waiting at the 24-hr pharmacy last night filling a codeine prescription [interesting crowd, a lot of people with empty bottles, who apparently believe "no-refill" means "no refill without asking for a refill 600 times"], where I had to snap this photo of artist Vik Muniz' library. Turns out Muniz is quite a collector. And a dad; he and his wife, the artist Janaina Tschape, have a 2-yo daughter.

These insane bookshelves, custom-built by artist Gerben Mulder, reminded me of the modular cold-steel & hardwood awesomeness of Atlas Industries' AS4 system. And that cute little orange Ava chair and ottoman from Jennifer Delonge reminded me that I haven't seen anyone try to make a kid-sized version of the Eames Lounge Chair yet.

Delonge's Ava chair and ottoman come in toddler size and new kid size, $239-369 [jenniferdelonge.com]

Previously: Vik Muniz will make a chocolate syrup portrait of your kid or whoever; Vik Muniz picture of ink looks suspiciously like Mister Rogers

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Reminds me of the CSS units that George Nelson designed for Herman Miller (although that's not it, either). To each his references...

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