January 13, 2008

Saul Bass Lets Baby Wander Off Alone Into Solar-Powered Future


After I posted the story about my 2.5-yo brother dumping my newborn sister by the mailbox as he toddled off to play, my mom busted on me a bit, saying I made her sound like a bad parent.

I was all, "But no, mom, it's a sign of how much we've lost and how much things have changed since the 1970's, when people were able to let kids play outside, safe and free."

And just in case she doesn't believe me, I can point to the end of Solar Film, a short hippie-ganda movie Eames Demetrios posted online. We see that as late as 1980, crunchy solar power types like director Saul Bass and exec. producer Robert Redford thought nothing of having an unsupervised baby wander off across a field into the setting sun. With no hat, no sunscreen, and wearing a landfill-clogging disposable diaper. Yep, those were the days.

The Solar Film (reprise) [dasfilmfest.com via grainedit]

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People change. That’s all I can say. There are many boundaries nowadays that we keep on building since it’s not safe at all. I guess it’s a certain fact that we can never bring back from the 70’s where kids used to wonder off the streets and come home safe. Those really are the days that most people hope to bring back… Such memories…

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