January 12, 2008

Mind The BabyGap

babyGap is "just for mom"

My aunt sent the new kid a very thoughtful gift from babyGap, including those nice red pants right there. BabyGap threw in a swift kick in the 'nads for dad, absolutely free.


You know, even thought the Baby Gap stuff is so cute, I have asked everyone I know not to get stuff there for my toddler. Ever since the latest reports of child-labor and the terrible conditions those children work under, I just can't stomach it.

I'd like to just ask you to consider not giving them any props for a while, at least.


"Ever since the latest reports of child-labor and the terrible conditions those children work under, I just can't stomach it."

Puh-leaze. If you're making all of your own clothes, then forgive me. But if not, check your labels. You think Gap is the only one profiting off cheap communist china's labor pool?

[actually, I think Gap's applique clothes were made by kids in India, not kids in China. cnn.com -ed.]

My husband and I were just talking today about how frustrating it is to have to work like crazy to try and find a pair of pants that we don't have to feel guilty wearing. We solve the problem by purchasing mostly second hand stuff but how to explain to family that you would prefer gifts that are impossible to find in a mall? I mean can we really fault each other for thanking a relative just because the gift came from a store with questionable practices?

[it's as funny as child sweatshops can get, but I actually only meant to point out the "moms only" coupon the Gap included. -ed.]

Right, the coupon. But you obviously haven't read the fine print, which explains the $15 will be deducted from least-productive child laborer's salary. So clearly, still on topic.


[lolol -ed.]

Sorry, sweatshop issues aside, going to have to agree with Gap on this one. Last I checked, dads weren't the ones spending the previous nine months getting bigger by the minute and post birth they aren't the ones who can't fit into anything - either maternity or pre-pregnancy!

[they may not have any lingerie for guys at GapBody, either, but unless they're gonna call it a push present, I see it as just another case of traditional, mom-only baby marketing. -ed.]

if your worried about sweatshops, go to american apparel. good basics, at least. as long as you don't mind the too-sexy ads. or all the stuff at eco-baby, or, again, under the nile. There are plenty of non-sweat shop options that your friends can buy online. gap/old navy is cheaper, but we all know why.

sorry just a little update, there is a lot of 1/2 price american apparel stuff on amazon. i don't know if this is a permanent situation or not.

Oh come on. The best cars are made by people who love to drive. The best food is made by people who love to eat. The best children's clothes are made by children. They do it for the LOVE OF THE CRAFT. It's really that simple, people.

I have to agree with sara on this one -- I usually agree with you 100 percent on the slaps in the face to dads stuff, but after my kid was born, I wound up buying new pants literally every two weeks for four months. It also took me a bunch of false starts to figure out what worked for breastfeeding. I probably spent $500 on crappy throwaway clearance items at Gap and Old Navy.

My husband went through a lot of changes, too, but not one of them required new clothes.


id like you to find another company that actually posts this information on it for the public to read. gap is actually one of the safest childrenswear manufacturers on the planet.

which makes their documented employment of child labor last year all the more newsworthy. thnx for the link, tho -ed.]

As an employee of Gap's corporate office in the buying area, I can say that we absolutely do not endorse child labor of any sort. If you followed the story at all, you would know that one of the factories that we contracted with subcontracted some work without our knowledge. We are very conscientious about child labor practices. I would never work for a company that endorses it!

Sweatshops aside I kinda agree that the marketing could be a little more ambiguous they should have said "just for you".
I also hate all the "as a mom (insert product here) is best" advertising. If it works do it but I just end up annoyed because honestly as a actress you are paid to say that.

Just goes to show you why At-home-Dads islolate themselves.. We get to sit knee-deep in poopy diapers, thow-up and and dumped-over sippy cups while listening to crying while having our only conversations be with 2-year-olds or grocery store clerks.. then have a spouse not think you work hard enough.. and then get marketing people be-little your job by ignoring it.... then have people comment on your blog that your feelings are wrong.

Yup.. it's good to be a stay-at-home Dad.. it's the world that sucks.

Hang in there! There are others of us out there..

I bet if you tried to cash the coupon.. even with kids in tow.. they'd give you the, "Oh.. giving your wife a break?" routine..

And who says a Dad can't take his baby coupon and buy stuff for his WIFE.. just because her body changed doesn't mean HE can't buy HER clothes... sheez.. whata world.

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