January 3, 2008

Una Bassinet Maravillosa, Uno Aluminum I-Beam Like-A-Bike From Barcelona


Traveling to Europe for the holidays sans car seat apparently frees up your hands to take sweet photos for random blogs. That's the lesson we learn from DT CARES testing correspondent Darren.

Here's an awesome-looking wood-and-plexi box-on-sticks bassinet he spotted at Pilma, a home design store in Barcelona.

And below, a like-a-Like-A-Bike in rather cool-looking cast aluminum. The lesson here: if you're going to knock off, go for the improbably and elaborately engineered knockoff in more expensive processes. Bravo!


Thanks to Darren and his intrepid clan, I'll add some more of his pics a little later.

1 Comment

Apologize for the poor quality of the pics, but they didn't want me to take photos. Luckily, my camera just happened to take a few flashless shots while I was looking at it to check something.

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