January 2, 2008

Poky The Adorable Linux Mobile Build Platform Mascot


The UK branding agency TAK! created this identity for Poky, a new Linux embedded build platform and environtment optimized for mobile cross-application development.

Which is exactly why the client, OpenEmbedded OpenedHand, also wanted a mascot. Because even if Poky The toolbelt-and-iPhone-sporting beaver can't help you figure out what the hell they're talking about, he's so cute, you'll still come away feeling great about it.

My main issue--besides the irony of an open-source beaver rocking a totally closed phone, of course--is that someone put out a baby platform-compatible chewtoy version of that fella ASAP. It's open source, right? So have at it.

Portfolio: Poky Identity [taktak.net via I forget, some German blog the other day]
Poky Linux [pokylinux.org]


Just to note that the client is OpenedHand - Poky is a stable subset of OpenEmbedded, developed by OpenedHand. Also note that although the code is open source the logo and branding are not.

[re the code: aha. re the branding: just kidding. -ed.]

Hello. You might like this........... currently in production...




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