January 2, 2008

Look For Buffy Breastfeeding! Sesame Street's Lakota Lacktivist Returns

Alright lactivists, you may now drop your placards along with your tops. The vintage Sesame Street breastfeeding clips that disappeared for a while are back on YouTube.

The one above was from the mid-1970's and featured American Indian folk singer Buffy St. Marie explaining breastfeeding to Big Bird. BACK.

And the 1980's happy baby montage with Joe Raposo's jazzy "You're My Baby" soundtrack that featured a quick shot of a nursing baby? BACK.

Score one for the pro-BF BFF's! Uh, or score one for the YouTube user who fixed his suspended account:

By the way, the problems with my previous account were unrelated to this clip. The brief shot of a baby nursing didn't get the clip removed, there was no conspiracy by a cabal of uptight anti-breastfeeding prudes!
As you were, breastfeeders!

Previously: Wha wha wha? They said 'breast' on Sesame Street?; The Street covers up its lone, exposed breast?

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Cool! I tried to look at this the last time it was linked, but got there too late (falling behind at DaddyTypes can involve terrible penalties).

My mom had a few Buffy records back in the '60s and I loved them, especially the songs Now That the Buffalo's Gone and My Country 'Tis of Thy People You're Dying. Those songs still give me goosebumps - once a hippie kid, always a hippie kid, I guess! And hey, now I'm breastfeeding, just like Buffy! Aw!

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