December 30, 2007

Awesome Ndebele Cardboard House From Driade


The men of the south Ndebele tribe of South Africa are responsible for building dried mud house compounds for their families, while the women are charged with decorating it with the tribe's distinctive, bold geometric patterns.

Inspired by this awesome traditional craft, Vittorio Locatelli has created Ndebele, a cardboard playhouse for children, for Driade, an Italian pioneer in modern furniture and design.

It costs 260 freakin' bucks. Better to get Margaret Courtney Clarke's classic design book, Ndebele: The Art of An African Tribe for $20, then drop $40 or so on a cardboard house from Nume Design or Kids on Roof house, then wake up the kid and start coloring.

ndebele_book.jpg + nume_polyhedral.jpg

If anyone gives you grief for doing women's work, peel off a twenty from the wad in your pocket, and set it on fire with a slightly mad laugh. They'll back off, and you'll still be $180 ahead.

Driade Ndebele cardboard playhouse, $260 [ambientedirect via]

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