December 29, 2007

NYT Critic Announces 2007 Car Of The Year For New Dads

Are you thinking what I'm thinking when you read NY Times car guy Lawrence Ulrich's intro to his year-end top ten list?

My year in cars was colored — or juice-splattered, more accurately — by my becoming a father. While I’ve tested every species of car and truck for many years, I sometimes felt I had a blind spot when it came to family rides...Those days are over.
Well that explains why he thought the Volvo XC70's integrated booster seats were a new invention.

But what's his top pick, then? Because the backseat is easily big enough to fit a case of Costco wipes, if not diapers. And because turbochargers and AWD are for divorced dads estranged from their teenage kids: the Porsche Carrera GT3.

Also, wait, his new kid drinks juice?

Tot Tested, Dad Approved [nyt]

Previously: Volvo Integrated Booster Seats, $495/pr
Related: LAT's Dan Neil had kids this year, too. Makes you wonder what chick magnet they were driving in 2006.

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