December 27, 2007

If I Were Tron, Could I Drive CWW's Virtual Wagons?


How weird am I? I'll give you a hint. After getting stuck with two family cars in succession at 16--a 1977 powderblue & woodgrain decal Chevy Caprice Classic wagon and a 1983 Honda Civic, I swore off both wagons and Hondas for life. And now, I've spent the better part of a year fantasizing about finding a Photoshop car design guy to mock up a station wagon version of the new Honda Civic for me. Then I'd take the rendering to one of those Pimp My Ride guys, and challenge them to put away their airbrushes and hydraulic gullwing kits and build me a wagon as near to stock as they could.

Now, just days before 2007 ends, I think I've found the Photoshop guy. CWW Cardesign is the creation of Cologne-based designer Andre Schaefer, who has a penchant for turning sedans into coupes, convertibles--and estates. It's like I died and went to station wagon heaven.

Schaefer's wagonic visions of the Acura RL, the BMW 7-Series, the Buick LaCrosse [??], the Jaguar XF-R [brand new this week!], the Maserati Quattroporte, and the Mercedes CLS are awesome, to be sure. But the masterpiece has to be the entire gallery of vintage Mercedes variations. Like the one above, the should've-existed 300 SET 6.3. I'll take one in silver with black leather interior, please. Holy moley.

CWW Cardesign virtual car gallery [ via jalopnik]


You can have your Mercedes, Greg, but I'll take that Honda Odyssey Popemobile any day. Sweet.

Sorry, that would be *Ford* Odyssey. Duh.

[dude. If that Ford's a-rocking--and it IS. who knew? -ed.]

Since you regularly read Jalopnik, you probably saw this, too--but in case you missed it:

1979 Cadillac station wagon

You don't have to be Tron to rock a malaise-era Cadillac wagon. And check out the ashtrays for the kids' seats in back.

Dude, that's even more awesome than the 1971 Cadillac wagon once owned by the Jackson Five. -ed.]

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