December 26, 2007

Little S0f1a Loves Her Not Neutral Alphabet Blocks!


The era of the art blocks may be upon us. Not Neutral has introduced their own graphically sweetened set of ABC blocks that include apple and tree patterns on three faces, and letters and numbers in a groovy Sister Corita-style agglomeration of typefaces on the other.

The twelve blocks come in a lovely wooden tra--wait, twelve? Even with two letters/block, that's only 24. What's missing? The I and the O. So if your kid's name includes either of those letters, he'll have to learn to use a 1 or a 0 instead, perfect for helping them devise passwords and prepare for a life spent IM'ing with their nerd friends.

Not Neutral Wood Blocks, $38 [designpublic via swissmiss]

1 Comment

My daughter is five and has already learned to write "see u l8r".

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