December 24, 2007

This Is Serious, You Have To Help Me, What Is The Kid Talking About?

A few weeks ago, the kid turned to me and goes, "Daddy, dogs are hunters by nature." I'm like, "wha wha wha??" Turns out she heard it on Zooboomafoo.

So as we grapple with this idea that the kid's learning all these things from TV that her parents don't have time to teach, now we find ourselves trying to catch up. The last couple of days, she's been marching around going, "Kah-LOO, kah-LOO, kah-LOO," and we can't figure out what she's talking about.

My first instinct what that she's talking about Caillou, the annoying little bald-headed animated kid from PBS, but that's pronounced, "KAI-you." But she says she saw it on Wonderpets, but she won't/can't say what episode it's from, who says it, or what it means.

Any of you Wonderpets scholars out there have an idea? Because the alternative--the kid's reading "Caillou" off the cable program guide--is a bit too much to contemplate.

Also, Merry Christmas!

[ah, thanks. "Save the Crane!" -ed.]


It's the episode where the crane needs to escape the volcano, in a Japanese sumi-e calligraphy painting, and it ends with them eating sushi celery. The crane says "callou" because, in the tradition of all baby animals on Wonderpets, it can't speak, only the parent animal can speak.

I can't believe I know this.

[d'oh, of course, she also mentioned sumi-e at one point a couple of weeks ago. freaked my wife out. thanks! -ed.]

Yep, it's the baby crane. Su-mi-YAY!

I think that's a hunting call from the "Outdoors Channel"

Don't ask me why I watch that channel sometimes.

OK, because the guys in the woods are weird when they're dressed funny. Are you happy now!?

[I watch it for the bull riding myself -ed.]

Ugh - Caillou. My guy often chooses "Caillou" for his 20 minutes of TV and, for the life of me, I don't get it. I know my kid, and he would sooner use Caillou as a tackling dummy than listen to 2 seconds of his whining...yet there he is, drinking in every moment. Why is it that a part of me just knows this show has something to do with Canada?

Congrats for finding out! Just wait until it's some sentiment to which you are diametrically opposed.

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