December 14, 2007

Little Red Stuga, Baby You're Much Too Cute


I guess I shoulda known by the way
you propped your flower two ways
that it would last.
Swedes: they're not all the kinda person that
believes in makin' furniture cheap,
love 'em and leave 'em fast.
I guess I must be bummed
'cuz MoCA had a waitlist of hopefuls
tryin' to get some of them Murakamis
But it was sold out first night.
I guess that makes this all right
and you say what have I got to lose?
and Honey, I say...

Lose? Are you kidding? I just saved a thousand bucks! Plus, it's machine washable!

Dream Bag two-position flower cushion by Little Red Stuga, 1,995 SEK, or about $300US []
via Mocoloco's 2 (or 3) questions for Little Red Stuga [mocoloco]
hilarious pre-sustainability, pre-craigslist Spike Jonze ad for Ikea [youtube]

Previously: Takashi Murakami Happy Flower furniture!

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