December 12, 2007

But Why Does Baby Jesus Need A Double Stroller?


Just as graphic design is the art of fitting everything on one page, stroller design is the science of stuffing as many features and as much functionality as possible into one rig.

And so it is that the wise men from the East--from Taiwan-based Jumellos, to be exact--have come, bringing good tidings of great joy, as well as the UTBJ-101, "THE ORIGINAL 3-WHEEL UMBRELLA TANDEM BABY JOGGER THAT FOLDS LIKE A BUGGY," which they present to the Baby Jesus.

Stable ain't a place for donkeys, either; you could jog all the way to Egypt with this rig. Those training wheels on that front tire there are just for decoration. Glo-o-o-o-o-o- o-o-o-o-o- o-o-o-o-orious. will grind your browser to a halt. [ via that massive honeypot for stroller spammers, thingamababy]


"But Why Does Baby Jesus Need A Double Stroller?"
Technically he needs a triple - Father, Son and The Holy Ghost roll together. Or so I'm told.

[but All in One. Or is it One In Three? -ed.]

If you ask Mike Huckabee, it's so his brother Satan can ride too.

[lolol, hey wait... -ed.]

"Patent Making Agent Wanted" is just pure awesomeness.

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