December 9, 2007

Microdorm 2: Ken Isaacs' Living Structure For Kids

Ken Isaacs' Microdorm 2

In 1963, Isaacs was contacted by a University of Chicago child psychiatrist, who wanted to provide individual work/play/living/storage spaces for handicapped and disabled children in state institutions.

The resulting design was two 35 5/8" plywood cubes with storage spaces in one side, a private seat/study/play space inside with a collaborative desk surface, and a bed/lounge on top.

Surprisingly, state officials in Illinois didn't warm to the idea of building living cubes for all the kids, and the project was dropped.

Isaacs included the Microdorm 2 In his 1974 book, Build Your Own Living Structures, though, along with detailed schematics. It's got some screwy parts to it, mostly derived from scaling up the perfect-seeming Infinite Storage System plywood cubes to life-size. For one thing, I can't quite see how those eight storage spaces are really useful. Two on the back are blocked by chrome tube rungs to the bed.
And speaking of chrome, dig that bent tube safety [sic] rail. I think the Microdorm was an impetus for the creation of the CPSC.

Still, it's hippie-sweet.

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