December 9, 2007

Like A Like-A-Bike For Grownups, By Camper

Like-a-Bike Skin

Tina's mention of her wish for a grown-up sized Like-a-Bike reminded me of this photo I snapped a couple of weeks ago in SoHo.

It's a regular bike, modded or skinned with plywood to look like a Like-A-Bike. Camper, the Spanish shoe boutique on Prince street made it, presumably as one-off promotional prop to promote their kid's shoe line, which was launched this year.

Camper makes those Pelotas shoes, which every one of my people at Razorfish seemed to have back in the day. Now their kids can have them, too.

Camper for Kids []


Oh my! Need to get me one of these... but wait, where to store? :(

I asked a sales person to sell me the bike a few months ago. No luck, obviously. And yes, its the only one that was made.

I think the Metropolis article on Camper had some photos of wooden bikes they had available for guests at their hotel in Spain.

Sweet, but impracticable. Which makes me love them all the more.

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