December 5, 2007

Also, A Vibrating Cup Holder


All of Kiaohsung, Taiwan-based Je Mey Corp's R&D investment in simulation technology has really paid off. The sex toy manufacturer's new Bugaboo knock-offs look amazingly similar to the real thing, you might even say life-like. I haven't seen this obvious a combination of virtual sex and baby gear since Nerve launched Babble.

There are two more features of Je Mey's life-sized silicone sex dolls I'd like to see ported over to their strollers: quick repairability ["in the highly unlikely event of a tear in the silicone flesh, you can easily repair the damage yourself with commercial grade silicone caulking, found at your local hardware store."] and room for two ["The oral cavity is as snug as the doll's other entries."]

Je Mey Corp, All kinds of For Babies, Strollers, Walkers & Carriers and more. [ via dt reader Gilles, who didn't mention what he was searching for when he found this]


If my company really is monitoring my internet use, I'm really going to have some explaining to do this morning.

[sorry. do you need me to write you a note? -ed.]

On their webpage, have you clicked on their link 'for babies'?!?

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