December 4, 2007

Wait, What? The Kid's 18. Why Should The Sperm Donor Have To Pay Anything?

I remember a Canadian telling me once that in his country, parents often didn't pay for college because when kids turn 18, they take responsibility for themselves and start paying their own way.

The actual existence of such a magical country sounds about as fantastically crazy as agreeing to your co-worker's request for a little sperm so she can have a kid, and then sending the occasional card, gift, or check for 18 years, and then balking when the kid comes looking for college tuition.

Remember, folks: unless you got beer money, and your hollow promise of anonymity is in writing, you're not a sperm donor in the eyes of the law; you're a father.

Sperm Donor may do better to learn the phrase, "Well, kid, in Canadia...": Sperm Donor May Have To Pay College Tuition Of Child [ via gawker]

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Hah; I'd guess college kids paying their own way happens more in Canada simply because tuition is lower; right now you're looking at maybe $20-30k (that's approx $4 trillion USD at current rates, I believe) for four years... that's not a horrible proposition for a loan.

I lived at home until a month after graduation and my parents paid for me and my sister so this is all conjecture, mind you. :)

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