December 4, 2007

The Boyms Put The Babel Blocks New Yorker Dolls On The MySpace, The YouTube


Babel Blocks are New Yorkers, each unique in his or her religious and cultural affiliations, but underneath, they're all the same: i.e., made from wooden blocks. Get it? Just like we're all the-- Also, they all have a MySpace, and a video, though for some reason, the best one, Chen's video, Taxi, is not on YouTube, only on his MySpace.

But it's Jose's video which gets the spotlight here, because in addition to breakdancing, Jose's busy "keepin it real for the womenfolk" and "trying to show my little girl the right way in the world." Also, he's a Daddy Yankee fan, and for some reason, DT gets mad Google search results for Daddy Yankee, and I think that's funny.

Though Sikh and Buddhist Babel Blocks appear in the videos, they're not included in the set of five for sale.

Babel Blocks are $75 at Moss []
Or you can give Constantine and Laurene Boym the whole retail margin by buying them directly. []

True New Yorkers would find a way not to pay retail.

See Babel Blocks videos on The Boyms' YouTube channel [youtube]
I can't believe a toy has a MySpace: Jose Babel [myspace]

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