December 3, 2007

Baby Gear Swapping Start-Up Attempts To Skip Brand Recognition Phase, Head Straight For Brand Dilution

Instead of eBaying or Craigslisting the baby stuff you don't need anymore, a couple of Bay Area start-up guys want you to Zwaggle it:

Privately funded Zwaggle, based in San Francisco, was founded last year by two guys who don't have kids. Andrew Hoag, an engineer and co-founder, said that at the time, he was surrounded by friends and family having children and noticed all of the extra stuff they accumulated but didn't necessarily use. For that reason, the idea seemed like a no-brainer.

"There's this massive, passive inventory of kids' stuff already being Zwaggle'd in the real world," Hoag said. On the Web, he said, more people can find each other.

I give them 10 zoints for ambition and another 8 for their idealism. That's not quite enough to get a Boppy [22], but it IS enough for like DVD's of The Nutty Professor and Barney's Great Adventure.

Going green, one crib at a time []
Zwaggle []

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Only 8 Zoints for idealism? Come on, I think we should be getting at least 10 Zoints...

After all, members earn 50 Zoints just for signing up and 15 Zoints when they refer a friend.

Thanks for the post.


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