November 30, 2007

Hell, Yes! The View Of, From The New The New Museum


The kid and I were stuck at the DMV yesterday, so I missed the press preview of The New Museum. [I was just there last week, though, because I had to pick up a new counter for our steel kitchen from the restaurant supply place up the block. With the sales tax and the cost of car service to schlep it back to the Upper West Side, I just about broke even from buying it online. Looks great. Both the table and the museum.]

Here's the view from the top, which is as fair a summation of the Bowery circa 2007 as anything I could've imagined.


As he looks at the seven story museum with the 4-foot-wide staircase, Bugaboo Guy realizes he should've brought the Bjorn.

If you go to the free opening weekend, please give a Hell, Yes! or Hell, No! on the men's room changing table situation.

NY Times' Roberta Smith reviews the new exhibition [nyt]
NY Times' architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff reviews the new SANAA building [nyt, image top]
Gawker's Josh reviews the new elevator [gawker, image above]

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