November 30, 2007

Muji Now Ready For Your Xmas Shopping List

I was going to offer up a trip to the Muji corner at MoMA's Design Store for the toy-desperate among you [the store has some of those recycled yarn-woven animals and both New York- and Countryside-in-a-Bag, though no Suburbs in...
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Toni Frissell's Photographic Children's Books

One of my ongoing complaints with the Children's Book Industrial Complex is how few titles are illustrated with photographs instead of painting or drawing. Though there are some sweet exceptions, it feels like the whole modern photography world just...
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Bumper Bonnet: One Less Thing We Can Mock Australians About

When our domestic GM divisions blithely ignore our demands for family-sized El Caminos, and our international reputation and currency have been flushed [counterclockwise, btw, I just checked] down the toilet, Australia-mocking Americans could always take comfort knowing that at...
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We Hail Thee, Old Yale: The New Political Alphabet, Circa 1813

Alright, now that DT reader Rebekah has revealed the secret handshake for accessing the Beinecke Library's children's book collection online [search for "Shirley"], I may have to clear the calendar of any actually useful tasks and posts. Check out the...
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The New Museum, 235 Bowery @ Prince St - HELL, YES?

In their video walkthrough of The New Museum, Curbed captured these two construction workers installing something large and changing tablish on the wall of the handicapped stall in the basement men's room. [Also, they got a picture of a...
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Hell, Yes! The View Of, From The New The New Museum

The kid and I were stuck at the DMV yesterday, so I missed the press preview of The New Museum. [I was just there last week, though, because I had to pick up a new counter for our steel...
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Y Is Not For Yale, Because V Was Already For The 'Varsity, Duh.

Some of the analysis bugs, but Emily Bazelon and Erica Perl ultimately get high fives from me for their Slate slide show on the history of children's books. The reason: they introduced me to Caroline Ketcham Easton's incomparable 1890...
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