November 28, 2007

Tobifant: Luigi Colani's Knock-Together Activity Table


I am familiar with the work of Pablo Neruda. The work of Luigi Colani, not so much. I did think I'd ferreted out most all of the kid-related design from the online archives of the incomparable German design magazine, Form, though.

Then on a hunch, I searched for Colani, and turned up this nice "Actionspace for childish Fantasy," aka, an activity table & chair, from 1977. It looks to be made from laminated ply, rounded on all the edges, and joined together with comfortably blocky, adjustable mortise & tenons.

From what I can gather, the wooden mallet and dagger set was included. Which this young lad used to lop off the head of what I assume was a small rodent. He's proud of his accomplishment, and rightly so. Sehr gut, Junge.

Luigi Colani play table and stool - Form, ausg. 80, 1977 []
Here it is: Tobifant desk, made of laminated birch for Kinderl├╝bke, didn't sell at auction in 2004 for EUR2000-2500 []


Great Table! Any shout-outs for your favorite activity tables available today?

{argington fundy's very nice... -ed.]

I remember the days when a stick and a dead cat by the side of the road was sufficient for an entire day of fun and frivolity.

BTW, that kid looks exactly like me as a disturbed child in the Melbourne suburbs.

Hi, are you still looking for this table and stoll, I have one in good condtion

When colani designed this childrens' desk for Kinderl├╝bke he insisted that each table was supplied with a kilo of play clay to encourage childrens creativity.

interestingly as a children Colani was not given any toys, instead his father insisted that he made his own - And Prof colani became one of the most famous designers in Europe and Japan...

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