November 26, 2007

This Is The Sign For 'Real Estate Envy'

eville_dalai_lama.jpgAs a perk of his wife's job, Bill Eville and his family live in pre-war, parklike splendor in the heart of Chelsea cathedral-like splendor near Columbia at the Union Theological Seminary. [I assume the picture at left was taken either in their sunken living room, or on the steps to the children's wing.]

In the Summer issue of Disney's Wondertime magazine, the banker-turned-writer/at-home dad wrote about teaching his 1-yo son the sign for "Buddha" so he could meet the Dalai Lama. Let's see: set in a castle, involves Important Life Lessons, and ends happily ever after. The only thing missing is a straight-to-DVD sequel. And a line of tie-in merchandise.

What Would the Dalai Lama Do? []

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The picture is of Union Theological Seminary, which is near Columbia University in uptown Manhattan (Morningside Heights).

The park-like seminary in Chelsea is General Theological Seminary (Episcopal).

Just in case you care!

[so like a Mormon to not know the difference between them, and so unlike a New Yorker to not know the real estate. thanks -ed.]

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