November 26, 2007

Ninna-Nanna Inna Canada: Sweet Bassinet From Monte Design


Classic: "We don’t believe that bassinets should look like poufy 1980’s wedding dresses." When they launched last year--in part, by advertising on Daddy Types, hey-o!--Monte Design Studio hit the baby industrial complex in a real weak spot: the hideous glider market. The company's sleek, slim, and comfy Luca Glider has been really well received by slightly desperate parents who don't want their nursery to look like a nursing home.

Now Monte's introducing a bassinet. Called the Ninna-Nanna, it consists of a removable basket nested into a dark hardwood rocker frame. There's a microsuede cover that's removable and washable.

It's not clear that the Ninna-Nanna turns into anything when the bassinet phase is over, but let's be serious for a minute. Even if it's not pouffy and covered with lace, buying a bassinet is a lot like buying a wedding dress: it feels intensely important to get it right, you use it very briefly in highly circumscribed settings, and since it cost some real coin, you sock it away, even though you have no conceivable use for it, ever, ever again.

Check your dates so you don't lose even a week; the Ninna-Nanna Bassinet by Monte Design is expected to ship in mid-December, $395 [ via notcot]

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