November 23, 2007

E Is For Expo 67 Puzzle & Coloring Books, Also For Eh


I got all excited last night when I saw a big jigsaw puzzle from the Expo 67 in Montreal, which was the overall raddest Expo ever. [Even if there were no Buckminster Fuller sphere, Habitat, or Dutch pavilion made out of an aluminum erector set, there was William Kissiloff's can-it-be-real? masterpiece of fir plywood, the Canadian Pulp & Paper Pavilion, and that's enough.]


But then I saw the jigsaw puzzle put together--and for sale, for just $19--at Judith Posner Antiques of Everwood, Florida, and I got over it. An aerial map of the Expo site is a puzzle not even an Expo planning committee member's son could love.


Those coloring books, on the other hand, show some promise. The second one on the stack turned up a couple of weeks ago on eBay for just five bucks. For some reason, the previous owner colored the boat, but not the Algoma Steel pavilion. Go figure.


Until I can score a couple of these potential modernist coloring book wonders for her, the kid will just keep working her way through her collection of Ikea furniture assembly instructions.

Search for vintage coloring books in general, or for coloring books from Expo 67 and other, lesser, world's fairs on eBay [ebay]

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