November 21, 2007

Muji Celebrates Xmas Across The Sea

note: these particular drawn designs not included.

Unless Muji is run by grinches, some of these fiiiine Xmas collection items will turn up in the new SoHo store very soon. And if not, at least you'll have it to look at online; just scroll down the Muji page to see the whole pile of merch.

Muji Zoo in a Bag

While you're at it, check out this gigantic collection of wooden toys that aren't in SoHo, either.

Muji Fun in a Bag, which I think is either a duck, a hedgehog, or a turtle set.

Muji Xmas Web Catalog [ via mocoloco]
Muji Wooden Toys - Japan only, I'm afraid []


Those chalkboard toys came out days after we left Japan... my wife and I both slapped our foreheads when we saw those on the site.

I looked for that sweet chalkboard globe you found a while back to no avail, by the way... the item number isn't even in the database for Muji in Japan...

[Muji UK has exclusive products like that, it turns out. Last year it was Suburbia in a Bag. -ed.]

Yes, but did you see the super cool evolution puzzle?

Why do you have to show these to us? Why? I think I have a spray can of chalkboard paint around here somewhere...

They're available in Europe case you visit...

Well I think the grandparents in Arizona are going to have to forget about us going out there for the holidays- three tickets to Tokyo please!

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