November 20, 2007

High Five To 10 Grain For Their Molded Ply Play Furniture


Eric Pfeiffer, of the Offi and Modernseed Pfeiffers, and one of the contemporary masters of molded ply, is once again trying to mold his way into our hearts with his new furniture venture, 10 Grain, which had a sneak preview in September alongside the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.

Among the highlights: the Play Pad, which I originally thought was a table that turns on its side to convert into a doll house; but uh-uh, it goes that way. Then there's the URoll [alas, without, as yet, an accompanying URock], a scooterish ride-on thing that the company swears can hold an adult. It's unusual shape and little caster wheels remind me of the Svan Scooter.


And then there's the most ominous piece of the bunch: the Robo Stool. I tell you, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.


10 Grain offers the furniture covered with Paul Frank monkeys, or they'll obliterate the monkeys at absolutely no extra charge. It must be a sign that the company just loves its customers, because frankly [heh], I'd pay double to get rid of the monkeys.

10 Grain furniture should be turning up just in time for New Year's, I imagine. []


That robot one gives me an idea... if only I had a jigsaw kicking around, my IKEA Benjamin stools would be taking on a new personality.

I was going to say that the first one there looked an awful lot like a Paul Frank thing I saw in their store, but it looks like you knew that already.

Speaking of robots being everywhere, my kidlette is currently obsessed with the Gap ad that features Daft Punk in robot guise, dancing with Juliette Lewis (strange mash-up there, but whatever...). So we get to watch that youtube clip about 20 or 30 times a day. Those damned robots...

It looks pretty nifty, I love multiple use anything's but i'm more than a little skeptical about it holding an adult's weight!

just an fyi regarding weight restrictions on the robo stool (or slice step for that matter). i'm 225lbs. (pre-turkey day) and it holds me just fine.
as you may know, bent ply is much sturdier and resilient than you think.

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