November 19, 2007

In Greece They Do Potty Training The Old-Fashioned Way

They urn it. [Sorry, long weekend.]


Tech exec Bill Bliss snapped this at the Agora museum in Athens. My question: is that image of mom & kid for real? Because it looks made up. Boingboing has a larger version. Of the image, that is. [boingboing]


I think it's for real in the sense that it's there in the museum, but not in the sense that it's actually ancient. It's just done in a faux-ancient style.

[that's what I mean, real=authentic. Or something some lazy Greek curator had copied from a Pre-Raphaelite fantasy decorative plate. -ed.]

Its an illustration from an actual red-figure kylix in another collection-- link below (on my name) to a photo of the original...

Three cheers for Naomi!

Although the stool seems rather ungainly for the alleged use.

Hi THis Is me Alejandra I just want to know how to make this because in my class we are making a Fun Project and I just want to know hoa do you made this thing.

Thank you

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