Dear SkateLab Furniture publicists,

Thanks for your email. But if this is another one of those "world's leading designer of copper-and-slate fountains sells his company to raise his daughter Ava, but can't get the design bug out of his system, so he starts making home accessories like shelves, mirrors, and picture frames out of skateboards, with bookends made from skateboard wheels, then he runs the idea by some Target buyers, and based on the somewhat favorable response, he goes to freakin' China to order a whole rad containerload of the stuff, which he sticks in a North Hollywood warehouse and then asks to pull the trigger" stories, I'm afraid Daddy Types readers just won't be into it.

Maybe if he were to get involved in a beach soccer gear company of some kind...

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Also if perhaps the skateboards captured the aesthetic of skating in some way rather than capturing the aesthetic of "poor college student looking for anything available to make a shelf".

[meanwhile, that seems like an awful lot of throw pillows for a boy's room. -ed.]

Or if the skating aesthetic wasn't diametrically opposed to using unridden decks as tschochke holders.

[yeah, there is that. I'll bring it up at our next meeting in the conference room with the surfboard table. -ed.]

Hey guys...I do appreciate the comments on my designs....I do like the idea you had Tim....about capturing the decks in motion perhaps....You are the second person to mention that to me....I must start listening...

I was also a new dad about 3 1/2 years daughter Ava is sleeping away...and damn cute....

I actually have one of my proto-typed shelves on her wall near her bed.... you mean having the customer able to substitute their own used board into the design?

Anyway...guys ...thanks for talking about my designs....I am really proud of them....and of my recent achievements....I designed them...sourced them....invested lots of time and money...and just received my second check from

Thanks again...

the ZAZ

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