November 15, 2007

Roy Toy Log Cabin Blocks Are OG, Made In Maine


So I didn't know that Lincoln Logs were developed by Frank Lloyd Wright's son, John in 1916-1917. I do know that they're currently made in China, though.

Roy Toy log cabin building blocks didn't turn up until the 1930's, and they went out of production for a couple of decades after founder Roy Dennison died. But then his grandson put the business back together, and now Roy Toy makes the OG original log cabin sets, cut by hand using the original machinery, in Maine. Which means they're square, not round. Still, it's the like five principles of the thing.

Roy Toy Original Log Cabin Block Sets are $9-22, and the 140-pc cabin set is $30 []
Craftsbury Kids has a 140-pc Roy Toy set for $28 []


I purchased a set for my (then 4-year-old) daughter last year and they are a wonderful toy. They've held up very well and are still lots of fun.

Nice, but what I've been looking for is some sort of modern house kits with little wood posts and beams, and standardized panels for walls to build your own mini Eichlers and Cliff May prefabs, etc. Now that would be cool.

Chimay, How about Prouve? Parts and house.

[whoa, how deep is the prouve prefab well, seriously? -ed.]

Restoration Hardware is selling one as well..

Restoration Hardware is selling what? A Prouve prefab dollhouse kit?

Thanks for the tip, Andy! Love it. Plus there's that French connection. But seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anyone do lots of interchangeable parts that you could do you own with. But after my ten-thousandth trip to Legoland, I'm looking forward to when the kidlette gets old enough for me to justify buying a whole bunch of legos to start building my own architectural wonders.

[smart aleck. RH has a Roy Toy set. the Prouve house is only at Toys R Us this Christmas. $19.95. -ed.]

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