November 14, 2007

She's A Witch! Spurn Her!

Hundreds of children, especially boys for some reason, are abused, poisoned, abandoned, and even killed in Angola each year because their families think they're witches.

But officials attribute the surge in persecutions of children to war — 27 years in Angola, ending in 2002, and near constant strife in Congo. The conflicts orphaned many children, while leaving other families intact but too destitute to feed themselves.

“The witches situation started when fathers became unable to care for the children,” said Ana Silva, who is in charge of child protection for the children’s institute. “So they started seeking any justification to expel them from the family.”

Horrible story, but yeah, I'll admit I posted it for the headline.

In Africa, Accusation of Witchcraft Leads to Abuse [nyt]

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Surely, there is a more humane way to deal with these witch children...

[time out? -ed.]

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