November 13, 2007

Uh-Ooba: Those Sweet Molded Ply Cribs Are The Last Ones. Ever.


Sad news, unless you're in the market right now for a sweet, soon-to-be-much-rarer, molded ply crib. It turns out that Ooba's recent sale will be Ooba's last sale.

The company announced they'll stop taking orders on Nov. 30th. Or whenever the last four maple bassinets, the last few maple cribs and the last couple of walnut cribs are sold, whichever comes first. No word on whether there are any of the bassinet-playtable conversion kits, etc. left, but it's worth a check.

DT advertiser Sparkability's fronting for the sale.

We never did get to see that rocker, either. Too bad.

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Like many of the people who frequent this site, my wife and I are probably within the target demographic for this furniture. But even for us, we couldn't get our heads around the price premium - especially considering the very limited useful life of the bassinet (and even the crib).

Still, sad to see them go because they are my favorite of the "ultra-ridiculously-priced-but-lust-worthy-and-perfect-for-my-house" baby furniture segment.

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