November 12, 2007

Sweet Canadian Minivans You Can Get, Just Not Fit Into

fagus_oldie.jpg fagus_van.jpg

Fagus is Italian for beech, let's get that out of the way right now. These are two of a whole series by Fagus of sweet-looking toy vehicles made of solid beech and rubber. They're at Natural Pod, a British Columbia shop specializing in naturally produced and ecologically sustainable kidstuff.

Natural Pod promises that, even though a lot of their coolest toys show as being out of stock right now, they'll be in soon and will start shipping in time for Christmas. Sounds great, but it might be worth it to doublecheck dates and availability before submitting your order. If it's anything like Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, or the Fourth of July, Canada could have moved Christmas to some other wacked out date.

Oldie natural beech and rubber car by Fagus, $22CAD [ via dwell on these things]
Van natural beech and rubber car by Fagus, $22CAD []


I saw these at a toy store in Princeton last weekend. They are sweet. The "oldie" and the "van" are definitely the best ones.

By the way, the toy store was awesome (had stuff like this, a GOOD selection of Schleich animals) but it had the worst name. Memorable, but awful: Ja-Zams!

[the only thing worse than toy store names is beauty salon names. -ed.]

Nova Naturals also has a whole line of Fagus vehicles, as well as other wooden ones:

So does The Wooden Wagon. The Fagus toys actually are made in Germany by a company that provides employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled, so you can feel good about that, too.

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