November 12, 2007

My First Real World Of Color Boardbook


This is so sweet. One of my biggest gripes about the whole DK My First Whatever Book series is the ridiculous absence of logos. I know exactly why it's the way it is, but it still bugs; it just doesn't look like the world the kid actually lives in. [Also, off topic, but where did that wheelbarrow with the giant beachball for a front wheel come from? Is that an English thing?]

Andy has taken matters into his own hands and has created the awesome World of Color, a book of logos sorted by color:

My infant is just learning his colors, and he loves looking at logos. I love that he loves logos, as I am a graphic designer. Plus, logos are typically high contrast, high impact, and well thought out. More thought went into the Sun computer systems logo, than went into the design of that Baby Einstein hedgehog or whatever he is…
I might have included a few more purely graphical logos--the AT&T Deathstar comes to mind, though the Rebel Alliance is included--and the kid's best friend, the green Geico Gecko, who checks in on her whenever she drives between DC and NYC, is missing, too. but that's not important here.

For his kid, Andy printed the pages out and stuck them in a little photo album. But you can grab the pdf from Andy's dadsite, Non-Toxic Reviews, and print it for your kid as fancy as you like. Oh, and if you want to add a magenta page, remember that it can only contain T-Mobile.

Printable children’s book “World of Color” []

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Learning colors through logos?

That's something I'm staying away from. I bet companies LOVE this idea.

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