November 12, 2007

GM's 7-Seat MPV Strategy Wackier Than Flying Cows


GM, which leads the world market for flying cow-catching minivans is finally set to start making smaller, nimbler, [and thus, one assumes, cow-dodging] MPV's in the US. The company's Hamtramck, Michigan plant will begin producing--Opel Zefiras. For export to Europe. Then Saturn will import a seven seater someday. From Europe.

The only thing I can say that makes less sense is that in 1992, I went to a poetry slam in Hamtramck.

New Compact Minivan for Chevrolet in 2009 [worldcarfans via dt's resident minivan analyst, jj daddy-o]


Still no mention of gas mileage. Exactly how bad are gas prices going to get before they start actually start putting numbers in their press releases?

First manufacturer to stick one of their Euro-diesels in a US market minivan, thus creating a 40mpg people-mover, will crush the competition like bugs. But no, we get the Buick Enclave and the Cadillac SRX. We must have been very, very bad in a previous incarnation.

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