November 9, 2007

Kid-Sized Shaker & The E-Chair High Chair, From Hiromatsu Furniture Co.

OK, surfing through the Hiromatsu Furniture Co. catalogue turns up some rather nice-looking pieces. Check out this sweet carved pine & wrought iron settee, for example. And also:


There's something appealingly irrational, though, about getting Shaker furniture made in Japan. This kid's desk and chair are both natural oil-finished beech. The chair takes 1-2 months, thanks to the custom webbing color combos.

Kid's Shaker-style desk (33,360 yen) and Kid's low-back Shaker-style chair (19,960) , plus shipping, multiplied by the probability of shipping them internationally = free! []


Then there's the e-chair, a high chair in the Stokke chair-for-life mold. The e-chair gets its name from its profile, and it comes in various finishes of maple and [good morning, Malaysia!] teak. [Actually, I have no idea where the teak comes from.]


When you're not using one of the four seat positions and three footrest positions, the e-chair flips over and can be used as a ride-on rocking horse. Though for 30,450 yen for the maple, and a whopping 51,450 yen for the teak, the kid better rock only on a carefully padded surface. No scuffing.

e-chair high chair, 33,450 or 51,450 yen []


My father has made these Shaker foot stools as presents for his grandchildren, but there doesn't seem to be a kit available with a back (which I think is a great touch). They are pretty straightforward to make, even with the webbing.

"The e-chair gets its name from its profile, and it comes in various finishes of maple and [good morning, Malaysia!] teak. [Actually, I have no idea where the teak comes from.]"

Hey Greg, I'm from Malaysia. We plant a lot of teak along the highway to be harvested when they are mature. At the moment, I think most teak comes from our neighbour, Indonesia.

By the way, I'm a loyal subscriber. Love your reviews, you're so good at finding the good ones at hidden places.

We have a few Amish Outlets in Toronto and they have a similar chair -- its a high chair, (flip to ) a rocking horse and (flip to) a writing desk. Available in any wood type and stain.

Love the Shaker low back chair… indeed funny that it would be made in Japan, especially as there's a good many companies in the New England area that focus on Shaker furniture. Checking out the colors the chair webbings is available in though… YIKES! Some of those color combos would truly horrify the Shakers.


Where in Toronto are the outlets? I'd love to see the chair...

(I think they're Mennonite craftspeople, by the way...)

HI Greg,

Yes, Precious is right, alot of Teak wood comes from Indonesia, but sadly in recent years, it has been over harvested and we are facing a really serious shortage of that lovely wood.(so go buy that damn chair as it will fetch a lot of dollars in a few years when the wood becomes extinct)

Anyway, greetings from Indonesia and I love love your site!

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