November 8, 2007

We're Moving Today And Tomorrow

Actually, we've been in a slo-mo move and renovation and painting job the last few days, it's just picking up pace. Posting might be a little light.

I'm tempted to ask for advice about switching to cloth diapers with the other kid, but I'll hold off.


I that case I shall withold cloth nappy advice until it's explicitly solicited...

I will go ahead and give my advice right now because it is really irritating me this weekend: if you plan to use the Maxi-Cosi Mico with kid #2, forget about cloth diapers, at least for outings. That seat is not compatible with cloth diapers -- there is not enough adjustability in the part of the harness that goes between the baby's legs, and the bulk of a cloth diaper makes it almost impossible to snap the harness into place. I find the harness mechanism to be incredibly irritating anyway, not to mention that the seat won't fit in the back of my RAV4 without requiring me to ride with my knees against the dash, and I'm only 5'6, not freakishly tall by a long stretch. But on the cloth diaper issue specifically: not compatible.

The only other infant seat we've tried with cloth diapers was the Graco Snugride and it was fine. Our various strollers with five-point harnesses are all fine with cloth, too.

... but the Cabrio works just fine

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