November 8, 2007

Sweet & Minty: Creative Playthings Giant Magnifier


Now that's nice, a Giant Magnifier from Creative Playthings, new in the box.

I got one of these for the kid before she was really able to play with it; after about 2.5-3yo, she fell in love with sticking toys, shoes, feet, hands, anything underneath the fixed focal length magnifying glass. Ours is in good shape, but it's a little beat; certainly nowhere near as nice as this one.

If there's one flaw in this classic CP design, it's that the magnifier looks a bit too much like a stool, and so it invites sitting. And a diapered butt of almost any size will crush the Magnifier like a flying cow on a minivan.

NIB Giant Magnifier Wood Creative Playthings, current bid: $17.55, auction ends Nov. 14


Is the lens glass or plastic?

[thick glass held in by pre-CPSC staples -ed.]

I had one of these when I was a lad - I am 40 now. I kept the lens (which is glass) when I gave up the stool so many years ago. If memory serves however, I sat on the thing with some frequency, and it definitely could support my weight as well as any stool.

i haven't seen one of these in years....i think my nabor had one....nice find!

Found one of these magnifiers today! I am 55 yrs old and I just love it! Lots of great memories flashed through my head and heart!!

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