November 7, 2007

They Hate Us For Our BebeSounds Inflatable Birth Announcements

bebesounds_stork1.jpg bebesounds_stork2.jpg

Whatever top secret military contractor developed the inflatable, lit-from-within, figurative nylon balloon technology that makes these 6' x 5' BebeSounds Inflatable Birth Announcements possible deserves every tax dollar they were awarded in their no-bid, sweetheart contract.

Do they have these in the Soviet Union? Cuba? Vietnam? Al Qaedastan or whatever it's called? China? Ok, so maybe they have them in China...

BebeSounds Inflatable Birth Announcement, for a boy or girl, $69.99 [ thanks to the dt reader in BebeSounds' publicity department]


I'm guessing the target market for these things is the same group that puts a different holiday craft fair flag in front of their house each month (i.e. the Easter Bunny, a Jack-o-Lantern, Turkey and a Pilgrim, Santa Clause, etc.)

[or the one who totally wants to blow their flag-flying friends away. It'll really hurt to be the second person to put one of these up. -ed.]

The birth class instructors warned us not to put stuff like this in our yards or put announcements in the paper, so as not to alert local pedophiles to new baby meat...

I'm not sure which is more frightening, the paranoia or the actual puffy signage.

Actually, the kidnapping last year in which the mother's throat was slashed and her baby stolen has been blamed on a large sign in the yard announcing the baby's birth.

[yikes, wait, I thought that the killer knew the mom somehow... -ed.]

No, these women didn't know each other, the mother lived, and the baby was found. I think you're thinking of the murder by a best friend/cousin. She ended up killing the mother and her 3 kids, plus the baby didn't make it. Tragic.

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