November 7, 2007

Some Puzzle Furniture From Tokyo Designers Week

puzzle pillows, originally uploaded by INV/ALT.

Hmm, maybe I won't try so hard to find out which exhibitor this was at 100% Design, because it looks about 75%.

If it were actually homemade, that'd be another story, of course...


Sorry I didn't credit the design - this is the zigsaw stool by rice-design, Japan. They were really cool just piled on the floor, but by the time I had my camera out he had assembled them.

[thanks for the photos, btw. I imagine these would look cooler laying around. The edges don't seem quite tight enough to put them together. -ed.]

I don't recall seeing those... from the looks of them they were in the main hall somewhere?

A lot of the stuff there was kind of craftsy-proof-of-concept type work so I'm not surprised about the fit, though. Having said that, some of the student stuff looked nearly production-ready... I don't think I got anything really relevant to this site in my photos but you can check out my Flickr set of the event. (I'll have to get my Tokyo Motor Show pics up soon too... there are some pretty sweet wagons in there, so there's your relevance...)

[nice pics, that chaise-of-soccer-balls looks pretty sweet, though -ed.]

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