November 3, 2007

DT Headline Roundup: T-Mag, C-Class, L-Word, ABC Edition

Alright, so all the headlines are from the New York Times. I'm like that guy on NY1 who reads the paper for you in the morning, only I pull out the dad-related stories:

  • Inside The Box: I admit, I fell--hard--for the cardboard dollhouse on the front of the NYT Style Magazine, T. I was like, "Who got to keep it? I sure hope it's the minion who had to make all that tiny Conran's furniture." Just remind me of that the next time I pretend to be an expert on anything.

  • An Associate Makes Full Partner: "The great unwashed could buy a C-Class, but they had to use a Mercedes Jr. charm on their keychain." "...given the performance pretensions of the Sport models, the lack of [shifter] paddles is inexcusable." "It is the least expensive, yet has enough look and feel of the upmarket E- and S-Class to let your friends know you’ve arrived, at least to the entry point of the star-emblazoned automotive world." Written by an E-Class driver['s husband], this is the most insufferable, pompous Mercedes review I've ever read. And for a car which looks like an S-Class--which looks like a Camry. Unbelievable.

  • The Man I Wish Was Your Father: Going by the headline, I thought this would be a trainwreck of a story. Then when I start reading and find out it's a lesbian mom's reminiscence of all her gay friends dying of AIDS, it's like, "where is this going?" And it's pretty surprising and moving and unexpected all the way through. And then, wow, she totally abandons her perfect friend.

  • The Littlest Big Shots: Hollywood parents take their kids to premieres and take them onto the sets of their kids' favorite TV shows. Somehow, this is construed as a competition, and Ricky Schroeder [I thought it was "Rick" now] is hanging on by his fingernails. Frankly, I don't see who's keeping score.

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