November 2, 2007

Woo Hoo! Ooba Crib Just Went On Sale


The modern, molded awesomeness that is the Ooba crib just got a little cheaper. The crib, which was like an insane $2300 when it launched, and then dropped to $1650 as production volume increased, just got showed up on sale at DT advertiser Sparkability for $1500 plus free shipping.

Sparkability usually has some interesting stuff on sale, particularly furniture. If you're looking for Nurseryworks stuff, for example, and you aren't fixated on a single color and texture combination, they always seem to have a small supply of discontinued or overstocked cribs and stuff. It's usually half off, though the shipping charge is enough to make me want to get into the furniture trucking business.

Sparkability Sale items [sparkability]

Previously: After conquering $2300 crib market, Ooba lowers prices

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