November 2, 2007

Suh-Weet Price On Suh-Weet Maple Hollow Blocks By Community Playthings


Alright, I've kept quiet long enough, and Andy and his readers over at Stork Bites Man have had their chance. And though I know I'll regret not buying them myself--I kind of think they'd be kind of insanely awesome in the kids' room, which is different from the kid's room, you see--I'll go ahead and say that everyone and his kid in a dog costume should take a look at this sweet set of giant, hollow building blocks being sold on eBay.

They're from Community Playthings, they're solid maple, they have a preschoolish patina, but they look to be in remarkably good condition, and they could just as easily be used for playroom furniture as playroom playthings. Instead of burying the sofa, they could be the sofa.

And they're freakin' cheap. A comparable full set of blocks, including the solid wood storage wagon, would run you almost $1400. These are "Buy It Now!" for just $400, plus shipping [from Indiana], which, admittedly, will not be insignificant [these things weigh a ton].

So. Tempted. To. Click. Must. Remember. Wife. Thinks. I'm. Crazy.

HOLLOW BLOCKS DAYCARE PRESCHOOL WOODEN WOOD PLAY 57, Buy it now $400 +s/h [ebay via stork bites man]
Compare and contrast: Preschool Hollow Block Set, $1145, cart $235, free shipping []

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Oops. CP hollow blocks being knocked off--by CP

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I'm late in the game on this one but I hope you snapped those babies up. That is my holy grail of yard sales right there. Some day I will find a set and hopefully my boys will not be in college at that point!

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