November 2, 2007

Core77 Covers Dutch Design Week: DT Covers Core77


So the big designblogs are rolling out their photocoverage of Dutch Design Week, which ended like a hundred years ago [or a week ago; why does this week feel like it's gone on a hundred years?]. Core77 just posted a 150-slide show, pure eye candy with no identifying captions. As I found out during my kid-related design surfthrough. Here are links to the big pictures, top to bottom, left to right:

  • Like-a-Trike? This looked like a souped up trike at first, but the more I look at it, the more it feels like a motorized, all-terrain walker for old people. Old people who forget to tie their robes closed, so they need a built-in privacy shield. Or the people around them do, anyway.
  • Actual strollers! This was a real find. Look behind the blurry unicycle monkey; those seem to be a stroller concept by a bike company where the seat is a bigger car seat. See how low they ride, too. Very interesting.
  • Like-A-Unicorn: Same company [note the orange chairs & the background] is showing this kid's bike with a joystick and little stroller wheels. So your kid doesn't have to wait until he's at Cal Poly to be the weirdo riding around town on a homebrewed, wacked out bike. And what is that vaguely bassinet-looking thing in the background? a bike sidecar, perhaps? This warrants investigating. [update: And I did. It's a child-carrier bike called the Gazelle Cabby.]
  • Cardboard kid's chair: Finally the no-info thing starts to get to me. I would really like to know who made this chair, which looks to be punched out of the box it comes in. Very meta. Also, check out the kid riding the bike in the background. [uh, I guess the Finish Yourself Junior chair was on DT a month ago. knucklehead.]
  • Tiny metal toys: The choke hazard's not the problem. These look like they're made of staples. And no, not just lead paint, but painted lead. Staples. [update: whoa, not only are they not choke hazard-size, they're not made of lead, lead paint, OR staples. they're called ArcheToys. Check the details.]
  • New York in a box is no Muji NYC in a bag; in fact, it looks to be mostly old school taxis. I guess when you visit from Old Amsterdam, Manhattan's lack of bikes and canals really stands out. And no, this is from an Academy Eindhoven graduation show, so it's not the same cardboard person as the chair. [update: City In A Box, by Patricia Weusten]
  • Giant tie-dyed tagged badger: Gloomy Bear is on the phone, and he sounds pissed. Should I put him through?
  • Rubber animal toys inflate when you sit on the beanbag chair part. They look like they're made of whoopee cushion material. Also, it feels like I've seen these before; were they at Milan or someplace? [update: yes, yes we have, on MocoLoco last spring. Nacho Carbonell. via minirobot]

    Dutch Design Week 2007 Album []

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