November 1, 2007

Town Crazyman Gives Kids Signed Halloween Candy

scariest halloween yet, originally uploaded by daddytypes.

So this morning, we're teaching the kid the importance of checking her Halloween candy, to make sure there's nothing put in there by not nice people...


Hey, White House M&Ms. The coolest thing about those is that the M&Ms inside are only red, white and blue.

Makes one proud to be an American.

[these colors don't run. in your hand. -ed.]

I'm guessing that, coming from the White House, it is full of nuts..?

[nutless, actually, which explains a lot. -ed.]

I have some of them from the Clinton years (scratch that - they've been lost to afternoon sweet tooth attacks). The Clinton ones weren't red, white and blue. They were multi-colored.

I don't know if that's significant in any way.

Get those W&W things x-ray'd.

Get those things on EBay before they go stale!

I'm surprised you didn't get cake.

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