November 1, 2007

OK, Seriously. Do Any Kids Watch Yo Gabba Gabba On Their Own?


The only Muno & Plex face painting I did at the kid's preschool pumpkin party was on myself. Lumpyhead's mom makes his DJ Lance Rock costume. And above, DT reader Jonathan and his East Village dadfriend were both rocking the YGG, but Muno's daughter's a ballerina.

So are parents Yo Gabba Gabba's real target audience? Or am I just unconsciously equating popularity with the presence--or absence--of character merchandise? If a kid's TV show drops in the media, but no one buys a crappy polyester backpack, does it make a sound?


Whoa, that's my friend Joe Maller

[yes, yes it is. And Jonathan. -ed.]

Maybe the daughter is actually a less-campy Leslie Hall?

My 2-yr-old will sometimes ask to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, or he will ask to see "Blue Toodie". He really seems to like it, and enjoys dancing. However, he hates it when they show one of the "My name is..." kids; possibly he sees them as competition? He'll yell "No", or maybe include the kid's name: "No Evan! No Evan!"

He was a zebra for Halloween, though. My choice, since he barely knows what Halloween is.

Where else am I supposed to get my fix of Devo Picture Pages?

My kid enjoys watching Yo Gabba Gabba. She still prefers Signing Time to everything else, but Yo Gabba Gabba has beaten out The Backyardigans for her #2 most favorite show.

My husband hates Yo Gabba Gabba as he finds DJ Lance annoying. I wish they were a little more educational and less entertaining. I love the "don't bite your friends" and "there's a party in my tummy" songs.

I like DJ Lance Rock. The one part of the show that drives me bonkers is when Plex does his little how-to chant ("It's fun to wash your hair! It's fun to wash your hair! It's fun to wash your hair! And here's how you do it!")

That will get stuck in my head ALL DAY.

WHOA. The DJ Lance Rock costume is actually quite flattering.

My 2 yr old daughter and I have bee watching Yo Gabba Gabba since the beginning. I'm not really into letting her sit and watch TV, as I'm much more into playing physical learning games and reading.

However, I usually keep the news on TV in the background. That morning, for some unknown reason, I put Nick on in the background and she paid no attention, Suddenly, Yo Gabba Gabba came on and her attention strayed to the television. It entranced her she started dancing and following the commands of the characters. SHe wants to watch Yo Gabb Gabba ALL THE TIME......

There was a week where we had things to do during the time that it was on, and didn't get to watch it, she knows EXACTLY when it comes on. Since I ws sure there would be more times that we wouldn't be around when it was on, I downloaded all of the episodes from the internet via bittorrent, and made a DVD, complete with menus and such (A VERY HANDY TOOL TO HAVE AT YOUR DISPOSAL).

We also have made stick puppets using the printable ones that you can get at the nick jr site, but the first ones made didn't hold up for more than one play session. So what we did was print them out again, scan them and elarged them, lamentated the paper figures, and then put glued them to thin rubber foam (so when she bends them they snap back instead of ripping).

Do-it-yourself-marketing at it's best.

oh, by the way, you can find the episodes at You'll have to have a bittorrent client like azureus (free program), and my favorite DVD creation program (for ease of use) convertxtodvd (one word).

Download a Yo Gabba Gabba desktop wallpaper (you can find them all over (just google) and use it for your DVD menu screen, load the episode files into the DVD program (you can fit 7 episodes per DVD) and press convert. It takes about 2-3 hrs to convert and burn to the DVD. when all is done, you'll have a fine substitution until they release Yo Gabba Gabba on DVD.

just a few helpful suggestions.

Piracy is illegal yes, but for the joy that it has brought my daughter....AARRGH, it's a pirates life for me! (and besides, as soon as they release it on DVD, i'll be purchasing it)

Disclaimer: If you do infact use the DVD idea, please use it only for personal use and by no means try to sell it (that's just naughty).

hey jason, can you upload to rapidshare or another file-sharing site those episodes? or at least a few? it takes forever to download torrents, direct downloads are way faster.

[is that a trick question? I know some people have found them through, and that all the episodes came through overnight. -ed.]

why would this be a trick question? I just really am not a fan of torrents. They're exceptionally slow. And I know some places block them (I can't use them on campus).

[trick question as in, from the MPAA. I was kind of kidding. -ed.]

I'm pretty sure this show is aimed directly at the 2-4 range, I had a similar experience to Jason with my own 2 (now 3) year old. He homed in on YGG like a magnet and now it's his favorite show with a bullet.

What's really cute is that it really seems to be reinforcing basic lessons and teaching him new ones my wife and I had not gotten around to yet. For instance, when he's trying to do something difficult he'll start to get frustrated, then start singing 'keep trying, keep trying, don't give up, never give up', calm down, and finish the what he was trying to do!

my kids love yo gabba gabba, when they do the break dancing frogs, they are there copying them,I will catch my 2 year old Jae, b-boxing like biz, and my 11 month old, will be sitting there, as soon as he hears the show starting where DJ lance is walking out in the white back ground, he will, get off the couch and go infront of the tv and start dancing even if the music hasn't started, and if Jae does something wrong, he will sing that Im so Im so Sooorrryyy song, and one time my nephew said something like I dont like this food to his grandma and my son jae the 2 year old said try it you'll like it and sings that song its funny but to me the show can be annoying and songs do get stuck in my head ALL DAY! but hey if the kids love it that much I don't mind!! Super martin Robot girl is so annoying to me!!!!

Hey I just dled via torrent 3 episodes of YGG it looks like a bunch of .rar files about 34 of them, how do I get it to be viewable or how do I burn it? Is there a way to check and make sure its the right thing before I burn so I don't waste any dvd's? I'm on a mac and have access to win by the way. program suggestions are appreciated


[rar is a compression formula, like zip, so you need to decompress and reassemble them into larger files. Check the wikipedia entry for a list of software utilities. -ed.]

My almost-3-year old totally digs YGG. Perhaps it's because the only new tv we actually let her watch, and she sees my excitement about it and feeds off of it? No, I think she genuinely likes it. It's gentle, features lots of actual kids, and the monsters are all NICE. My kid does not like anything remotely NOT NICE.

Anyway, she's a huge Foofa fan. Tonight in the bath she pretended her pink plastic hippo was Foofa.

My 3 yr old hates the show, he makes it very clear when he hear's the yo gabba gabba intro and he yells out "NO,Mom change this!"
I Personaly think that the show is idiotic, whats with all the nerds on it?

my 9 month old loves YGG and nothing else but signing time registers on his radar. He loves it when I sing the songs to him or make up new songs based on the YGG tunes. It's fun to brush your teeth! and GoodNight! instead of Goodbye- I feel like this show is gold mine - 22minutes allowing me to clean the house every day or take a long shower. I usually opt for the shower. ;-)

hehe, i am 16 and i VERY much enjoy the show =)

My 2 year old Daughter LOVES YGG! She asks me to watch it everytime we turn on the TV!

My little 19 month daughter LOVES the show and is excited and pointing as DJ Lance Rock enters the screen. She anxiously awaits the intro music when the ghetto blaster opens then dances very enthusiastically until the show starts. I love the show also because of all of the talent and musical guests from the 80's 90's and present. I believe YGG to be genius.
That post by Jason is awesome by the way. It's nice to see an enthusiastic dad like myself instead of all these dullard deadbeat dads I know. I am a 34 year old dad that loves to dance with his daughter and Yo Gabba Gabba is number one at the moment for us.

My son loves it, and I think it's dope, since it teaches children about Hip Hop. Hip Hop is portrayed negatively in most media outlets, so it's nice to see that someone has finally made it easier for our kids to enjoy. I've brought my son (he's 3) to Hip Hop shows, and he loves the culture, so as soon as he saw YGG, it became his favorite show.

dj lance rock is beautiful.

I am yet to find a single episode of Season 2 anywhere. Some help??

I just got really hooked on YGG. First i watched it to mock it and then i found out that i LOVED IT! gah and i'm only 14.............

trippy songs, and the monsters are awesome! and 80 video games... perfect show. peroid...


Good for you and your kid.

I mean, geez, take a good look at Muno. Then look at Foofa. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but that little girl in the picture up there sure looks horrified.

I didn't want to even watch the show at first but my 6 month old loved it and has learned alot from it.

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