November 1, 2007

Holy Crap, Takashi Murakami Furniture!

1000dollarcushion, originally uploaded by accd_STU.

When we spent the summer in Tokyo a couple of years ago, the Mori Art Museum had a Murakami Happy Flower the size of an extra-large pizza for about $200. We left it there.

Meanwhile, MOCA in Los Angeles has this incredible sofa-sized version for just $990. Plus shipping, since I don't expect that bad boy will fit in the overhead bin.

Sign. Me. Up.

See Zoe and Rockett [two t's] putting a Happy Flower tuffet through its paces in AstroBuddha's photostream. And then let's start talking about the Murakami wallpaper for the nursery.

I suspect every kid born north of Sunset between now and the Summer Olympics will have this stuff. The east coast, not so much.


does anybody know if you can purchase the murakami wall paper?

Where can I order murakami wallpaper for my home?

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