October 31, 2007

The Night Some Kid Wore His Wolf Suit: Etsy/Babble Halloween Costume Contest Winners

not_max_etsy_costume.jpg babble_baby_frida.jpg

Babble was a sponsor of the baby & kid's division of etsy's homemade Halloween costume contest. The winners were announced today, too late for you to steal an idea for your own kid, sorry.

The winner's on the left. [Congratulations, Mamazakka!] Meanwhile, Gwynne has posted some of the runners up on Droolicious, including Baby Frida on the right, who really does look like she was just beaten by Baby Diego. Very authentic!

Costume Contest Winners! [etsy]
Fabulous Handmade Halloween Costumes [babble]


Those costumes are great! And I love Etsy. Having said that did you take a gander at the prices they are asking for those costumes. Are they kidding!!! That Max costume is $2,100!!! Really now.

That is an awesome Max. I was trying to convince Monster to go as Max this year for Halloween but he was having none of it. Has to be a power ranger, just like 4 other boys in his class.

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